May 4, 2015

Seattle Seahawks vs. Me 2015 NFL Draft

#63- Frank Clark. Seriously? Yikes.. off most boards and their first pick at the end of round 2? I get he can rush the passer, but he certainly isn't elite. My pick originally was Oregon C: Hroniss Grasu who went pick 71... except, he didn't make it that far because I take him again. Clearly, the Seahawks thought they have some issues on their OL since they grabbed 2 interior guys later in the draft.

#69- Tyler Lockett. Moved up via trade with the Redskins to grab Lockett, who is undersized but can run and is a big play threat. He could be a Harvin clone in the offense minus the major locker room issues. I actually like Jaelen Strong and PJ Williams a lot.. I understand the pick and see what they're doing. I would have a hard time not taking Strong, but am okay with Lockett. 

#130-Terry Poole-G-SDSU. I know he didn't go until way later and I took him with the Bills too.. but I just can't pass up Ifo Ekpre-Olomu. Too talented, despite the knee injury. He might not have the size the Seahawks prefer, but you saw them struggle in the slot vs. the Patriots. Ifo can clamp that spot down for years.

#134-Mark Glowinski-OG-WVU. Following my earlier mock and knowing that I already have Grasu on the interior, I would grab ILB Ben Heeney. He doesn't have magical speed, but he's a tackling machine and can help special teams early until he gets his feet wet in the defense.

#170-Tye Smith-CB-Towson. I had no plans on taking him, but they could use some DL depth and like moving guys around up front and getting a nasty pass rush.. how can Ohio State DL Michael Bennett still be around? Too good to pass up at this stage.

#209-Obum Gwachum-DE-Oregon State. I'd take Bobby Hart G from FSU. I'm a big school guy for the most part (since I don't get to see much small school stuff) and Hart was a OT but will be moved inside. He's a mauler type guy, doesn't have great feet, but comes from a pro style offense and is a big, developing body inside.

#214-Kristjan Sokoli-OL-Buffalo. I'm sticking somewhat to my mock board and grabbing OLB Zach Hodges who went undrafted. Hodges is explosive and raw off the edge, we know how they like guys that can get to the QB quickly. In Seattle, he can learn and develop some counter moves while taking a situational type spot up front.

#248-Ryan Murphy-DB-Oregon State. I've got nothing against Ryan Murphy, tantalizing athlete and that big, 6'2 frame that the LOB loves soooooo much. My mock has them taking Nick Marshall, who went undrafted (seems like I get that a lot). I'd like to stick with him and I think with Ifo in the mix, Marshall gets a little chance to learn the position before being rushed into action.

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